These influencers kicked off our larger discussion groups for the afternoon


Chris Satchell, Consumer Technology Officer at Nike
As Consumer Technology Officer at Nike, Chris helps the world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories shape the digital future. Satchell oversees strategy and execution related to all consumer-focused technology. Most recently, Satchell was CTO and Executive Vice President of R&D at IGT, the world leader in legalized gambling content, platforms and systems. Prior to IGT, he held the position of CTO for the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) at Microsoft, where he was responsible for technical strategy and execution across the gaming business at Microsoft.

This talk is off the record. Blog post coming soon.

Michael Coté, Director of Technical Marketing for Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Pivotal Labs' Michael Coté (formerly 451 Group) offers his "State of the Industry" presentation to Heavybit's Wheelhouse attendees including insights on where commercial enterprises are adopting continuous delivery tools and where they need to invest further in order to improve their CD/CI pipelines. For more info, check out his wrap up post on the Pivotal blog.

Paul Biggar, Founder of CircleCI
Paul Biggar is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CircleCI. He previously worked on the Firefox Javascript engine at Mozilla, and is a graduate of YCombinator. Paul holds a PhD in static analysis of scripting languages from Trinity College in Dublin.

Brad Micklea, COO of Codenvy
Brad is the COO of Codenvy, responsible for Marketing (market awareness, content marketing, SEO, analytics), Product Management, Technical Support and Renewals. Previously he was the VP of Product Management & Strategy at Bluecat, and spent 8 years in Product Management at Quest Software.

Hans Dockter, Founder and CEO of Gradleware
Hans is the founder of Gradle and Gradleware. He has 13 years of experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor in a vast array of industry sectors such as automotive, finance, public transport and business intelligence. He’s a thought leader in project automation and has successfully led numerous large-scale enterprise builds.

Jakub Nesetril, Founder and CEO for Apiary
Jakub Nesetril is co-founder & CEO of Apiary, where he makes API design and documentation enjoyable. Prior to Apiary Jakub has gathered 10 years of experience leading API products and engineering teams in companies like GoodData and APN.

Tal Weiss, Cofounder of Takipi
Tal is the CEO at Takipi, responsible for overseeing the company's strategy and operations. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO at VisualTao, a Sequoia backed start-up which was acquired by Autodesk. Following the acquisition, Tal served as the Director responsible for product management, development and social marketing for Autodesk's flagship web and mobile product line used by millions of professional users worldwide.