In Feb 2015, Heavybit launched its first Wheelhouse  - an afternoon where select Heavybit member companies brought together 30 of their customers to discuss continuous delivery.

In addition to watching a series of presentations, we discussed the problems and solutions relevant to today's technical leaders. This first event is part of Heavybit's larger effort to:

  • Help corporate partners understand the cutting edge technology and approaches in the space;
  • Allow our 28 member companies to deepen their customer relationships and further validate their enterprise offerings; and,
  • Establish an ongoing dialogue about the challenges of producing agile, reliable and scalable software solutions.

For more info on how you can get involved in future events email events@heavybit.com



Wheelhouse is a growing invite-only network of  thought leaders in software design, architecture and devops. Together we are shaping the software landscape by defining the tools and infrastructure necessary to power agile, reliable and scalable solutions for today's top enterprises. 





Heavybit helps startups turn products loved by developers into successful businesses. Founded by Former Heroku Founder James Lindenbaum, our community is the only one of its kind to focus solely on taking developer products to market. Throughout the program, founders work on developer traction, product market fit and customer development.